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Business Apps Design & Development

With a history of successful app design and development roll outs, V-Soft utilizes the latest in technologies and methodologies available. Native, Hybrid, or Web-Based, V-Soft builds a custom app tailored to your needs.

  • Native iOS & Android, HTML5, jQuery, PhoneGap, Cordova
  • Front-end Angular JS, Bootstrap, ionic framework
  • APIs in Java, .Net
  • Databases in Oracle, SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and more

Business Apps Resources & Work Flow

Unlike most app developers, V-Soft has global sources of expertise with company locations in the U.S. and Hyderabad, India. With our blended model you gain efficiency and quality, combine that with our trusted work flow processes, these resources ensure app development goals are achieved.

  • A dedicated team of experts available to you during the design, development, and life cycle of your app.
  • Focus on in-person discussions that build mutual trust and rapport.
  • Requirement analysis through a wireframe process for clarity of vision.
  • Remove unknowns early with draft UI/UX and validation through POCs.

Pillars of App Development

Every app developed is a signature of you and your trusted V-Soft team. These fundamental pillars are how every app is built to ensure complete customer satisfaction during and after app delivery.

  1. Scalability & Reliability for today, tomorrow, and the future
  2. Performance for optimal CPU utilization, specified response time, and throughput rates
  3. Security with the most advanced global security standards/regulations, authentication and encryption
  4. Portability designed in to be adaptable and installable across devices irrespective of hardware or software

Why V-Soft for Your Business App Development?

  • Transparency: You know what we know when we know. Nothing’s hidden because we’re partners.
  • Collaboration: You’re involved in every step of the process design, implementation, and support.
  • Advanced Tools: Latest platforms and real time project management places let you inside the action.
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