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Automation and artificial intelligence are revolutionizing the manufacturing industry. V-Soft understands the biggest manufacturing challenges from quality control to factory productivity. We provide proven advanced technology solutions to realize your Industry 4.0 goals.

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Computer Vision: Defect Detection

The quality control processes in manufacturing are a largely manual, human-run process and are time-consuming and costly to support. Computer vision uses smart cameras and analytics to streamline the QA process with more accuracy and at a lower cost.

Computer Vision: Die Assembly Monitoring

Intelligent computer vision systems continuously monitor and prevent misconfigurations in the die assembly process. This solution differentiates manufacturers from their competition while minimizes downtime and repair costs.


Even though manufacturers employ safety managers to make sure employees follow safety standards, violations still occur. Failure to follow proper safety protocols can result in human injury and financial penalties. AI-powered computer-vision monitors employee PPE compliance in the worksite to ensure workers are staying safe.

Real-Time Production Analytics

Data is a critical part of the success of manufacturing; that’s why V-Soft works with businesses to understand the data collection and analysis process and provide the best solutions for optimizing those processes. The V-Soft Digital team can build custom apps and software for field workers and in-office employees to input data automatically while using ServiceNow portals to generate reports.

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Scalable Solutions

As your business continues to grow, your technology should expand too. The V-Soft Digital team will guide you to the best solutions for your goals. Once we’re familiar with your tech environment, we can build a solution that will grow with your success.

IT Staffing for Manufacturing

Within the manufacturing vertical, V-Soft continues to work with industry leaders to place talented IT professionals in high-demand positions. As the industry continues to trend toward digital transformation and automation, having a skilled team in place is imperative.