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V-Soft consultants play an active role in the design, process engineering and improvement within manufacturing. We take the most important factors of manufacturing seriously from safety to efficiently to quality control. Our solutions prove to propel our clients to the top of their industry.

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Data is a critical part of the success of manufacturing; that’s why V-Soft works with businesses to create custom data collection and analytics software, so users can get the most accurate data at a moment’s notice. The V-Soft Labs team can build custom apps for field workers and in-office employees to input data automatically while using ServiceNow portals to generate reports.


With an ever-growing industry like manufacturing, adding employees and high turnover is a factor that can hinder your HR department from focusing on the people-to-people tasks. Instead, they must trudge through the repetitive onboarding process and answer the same questions over and over. V-Soft offers HR Automation Solutions using software development and Artificial Intelligence to shave hours off the onboarding process all but eliminating the need for employees to ask HR questions they can find on their own. Leaving professionals to focus on people, not plays.

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If your business continues to grow, you need technology solutions that can expand with you. Our V-Soft Labs team will guide you to the best solutions for your goals. Once we learn your tech environment, we can build a solution that will grow with your success.


Within the manufacturing vertical V-Soft continues to work with industry leaders to fill positions of every type including administrative roles, customer service reps, accounting clerks and more. It’s vital to have professional talent throughout organizations for the whole company thrive.

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