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ServiceNow ITAM

Manage your hardware assets, software licenses, and cloud resources across the lifecycle to optimize decision support, spend reduction, and risk avoidance.

Why ServiceNow ITAM?

Automates and ensures great visibility across your software, hardware, and cloud assets, reducing IT risks.

Why V-Soft?

V-Soft empowers your business with robust ServiceNow ITAM and aligns your IT assets to your business vision.

ServiceNow ITAM product Expertise

ServiceNow offers comprehensive solutions for managing your enterprise IT assets, including software, hardware, and cloud resources. Our suite of tools and services is designed to help you optimize costs, reduce risk, and enhance operational efficiency.

ServiceNow Hardware Asset Management (HAM)

Effortlessly manage all your hardware assets in one centralized location. Our automated workflows ensure that you can track the entire lifecycle of your hardware assets, enabling you to identify aging assets before they become a hindrance.

Cloud Insights

Simplify the management of software licenses and hardware assets with intuitive workflows and complete lifecycle visibility. Reduce costs by right-sizing your cloud resources to match your organization’s usage patterns and automatically power down unused resources during non-working hours.

Empower Cybersecurity

Protect your critical assets from cyber threats, breaches, and human error. Our regularly audited hardware and software asset databases provide the foundation for robust cybersecurity. Remember, “You cannot adequately protect what you don’t know you have.”

ServiceNow Software Asset Management (SAM)

Efficiently manage your software assets with our unified SAM solution. Our automation and digital workflows ensure that critical asset data is readily available to your business. Cloud Insights further enhance your visibility into software and SaaS assets, optimizing license usage and reducing unnecessary expenses.

SAM also helps mitigate vendor audit risks and maintains compliance by providing reliable software data for security, procurement, and IT changes.

ServiceNow simplifies IT asset management, making it easier and more effective for your organization.

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