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ServiceNow ITOM

Gain complete transparency into your IT operations to predict outages and optimize costs.

Agile Operations With ITOM

Enhance visibility and streamline IT operations and services by leveraging the power of AIOps and ML-powered ServiceNow ITOM for accelerated automation and efficiency.

What Does V-Soft Do?

V-Soft’s ServiceNow experts strategically align your IT network with business goals by integrating ITOM into your existing software for enhanced productivity.

Manage Your IT Operations Successfully

ServiceNow ITOM enables organizations to gain visibility across infrastructure and apps, maintain service health, and optimize cloud delivery and spend.

ServiceNow CMDB

Configuration Management Database connects your digital products throughout their entire lifecycle, eliminating silos by providing a unified system of action across all tables, views, and applications. You can take advantage of CMDB to:

  • Streamline system development
  • Speed up incident resolution
  • Improve service restoration and analysis
  • Enable data-driven decision-making
  • Utilize certified external data
  • Consolidate data centers

ServiceNow Discovery

ServiceNow Discovery enhances service availability and reduces outage risks through improved certificate and firewall management. It supports digital transformation by handling both traditional and new cloud/container environments within a single system.

Maximize your investments by integrating discovery data via connectors to create an up-to-date CMDB with automated workflows.

ServiceNow Service Mapping

ServiceNow Service Mapping accelerates time-to-value and enhances accuracy by offering out-of-the-box options for mapping processes. It supports multi-cloud strategies by accurately mapping services across dynamic cloud providers, leveraging existing investments and Discovery data for improved service mapping.

ServiceNow Event Management

ServiceNow Event Management improves service availability by cutting out event noise with AIOps capabilities resulting in quickly identifying issues so you can reduce service outages.

ServiceNow Event Management revitalizes your existing tools by consolidating events from current monitoring tools, reducing alert noise and service impacts.

ServiceNow Cloud Management

ServiceNow Cloud Management enhances agility and governance, allowing developers to deploy and provision cloud resources quickly using predefined templates. It reduces manual tasks through policy-based governance for deployments and resource operations, streamlining cloud management.

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