V-Soft Labs is the innovation arm of V-Soft Consulting. Providing advanced technology solutions to the enterprise. We work with businesses to identify the best route to meet business’ digital transformation goals.


Businesses can’t become leaders in their industries without adopting leading technology solutions to their operations. Let V-Soft Labs help you get there.

Dedicated Practices

Our V-Soft Labs Practices have a dedicated teams of experts to work on projects for clients. With ongoing training our experts are leaders in their industry and ready add their skills to meet your business objectives.

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V-Soft Labs

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Artificial Intelligence

Well-rounded AI applications possess algorithms used to analyze online behavior and relevant documentation to work faster and smarter than humans. While AI can completely replace human workers Artificial Intelligence applications can automate tasks and complete complex responsibilities on their own – leaving humans to work on more critical objectives.

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Internet of Things (IoT)

With V-Soft Labs, IoT applications aren’t just restricted to home networks, they have a large role in the information-driven business environment. Businesses looking to enhance their digital transformation use IoT in their global business landscape.



ServiceNow is changing the enterprise by enabling virtually all components of business as a service. A single platform for all processes within your organization drives consolidation, automation, and innovation for a more efficient business model.



Finding the right partner can be critical in your enterprise integration with the MuleSoft platform. With a MuleSoft consultant to assist you in managing your project with oversight and rigorous scope control, V-Soft labs brings these proficiencies together, providing optimum resources and capabilities with direct engagement and transparency.

QA Testing


A Testing Center of Excellence (TCoE) is an integrated solution which combines people, process, shared service activity, tools, and infrastructure. V-Soft Labs’ dedicated TCoE focuses on improving processes to deliver quality products to your customers. V-Soft ensures that processes are efficient and effective to match the quality standards defined for software products.

Mobile Development


With a history of successful app design and development rollouts, V-Soft labs utilizes the latest in technologies and methodologies available. The app development process collects and translates business requirements into innovative technology solutions. V-Soft clients are involved in every step of the process from concept to launch to support. We build the app with you, not just for you.



Blockchain can add a level of security and transparency to your operations in many capacities- not just banking transactions. Using blockchain allows for secure transactions of any type that can’t be manipulated by anyone outside the chain.

Software Development

Software Development

V-Soft Labs’ custom software development process collects and translates business requirements into imaginative technology solutions that become reality. As part of our Agile Project Methodology, V-Soft routinely uses an open/shared project management software tool. This tool allows for several advantages in running the project, all of which are centered within information sharing and project capacity planning.

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