Is ServiceNow Performance Analytics Right for Your Business?

Organizations are engaging ‘Data Scientists’ to work on the performance analytics manually to enhance service delivery efficiencies. To enhance service delivery capabilities ServiceNow comes with a customizable live module called performance analytics (PA), which adds value to the organizations in terms of analytics and helps in continual process improvement.

Why the Need for Performance Analytics?

In the age of information revolution, data is a crucial aspect of any business logic and extracting intelligence information is the key to successful business decisions. Despite having all the technology in place for gathering a huge amount of data, businesses have been struggling to extract value or information out of it. This is either due to lack of, understanding on methods or knowledge on picking up the right intelligent tools to derive analytics from these huge chunks of data.

The analytics reports are crucial for the business to improve agility, deliverables quality, demonstrate business value, and most importantly effective utilization of resources to optimize costs.

Especially in the age of consumerizing service delivery process, to stay in tune with the user(employees/stakeholders) expectations is crucial. In this scenario, to boost up the service-satisfactory index predicting of user trends and regulating the service delivery processes accordingly is the must. Doing so can empower the users to constantly stay in tune and accordingly tune their efforts towards the attainment of business strategic objectives and goals.

To solve all these challenges, ServiceNow comes with robust performance analytics suit. This drives the overall efficiencies of the business decision process while ensuring high service-experience Index.

What to Expect from ServiceNow Performance Analytics?

ServiceNow Performance Analytics comes with robust capabilities in extracting intelligence out of the business data. Here are some of the key abilities that ServiceNow performance analytics offers to businesses:

Performance Analytics provides a real-time view of our IT KPIs to make smarter decisions that drive customer satisfaction, improve quality, and keep employees engaged.”

-Chris Bedi, CIO, ServiceNow

1. Predict Trends

ServiceNow platforms continuously track and compare the past and current performance parameters. Then predicts the probable solution either to fix up the problem areas that may occur, predict trends to concentrate and suggest ways to boost up the performance to the next level. This way, ServiceNow’s performance analytics platform with it’s actionable insight upscales the efficiency while optimizing the business costs and modernizes the service delivery process.

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