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V-Soft Responds to COVID-19 Pandemic with ‘Back to Doing’ Application

V-Soft Digital developed a self-certification and health screening app to ensure safer environments.

July 7, 2020


No business, organization or person was prepared for what 2020 had in store for us all. As businesses started to close and transition to remote work models, V-Soft was already hard at work preparing for the eventual return to workplace and how to help keep employees safe everywhere.

After working with many clients to understand the most common pain points in developing a safe workplace for their employees’ return, the V-Soft Digital’ team developed the Back to Doing application. The application includes self-certification surveys, health screening capabilities, a centralized dashboard and the ability to add customized and enhanced technology features, such as AI computer vision, thermal imaging and contactless door access.

The solutions are created for workplaces and school districts alike to ensure safety, provide security and limit spread of infection amongst employees, management, students and staff.

“I’m proud of the team that helped build and develop the Back to Doing application,” said Manoj Iragavarapu, Managing Director of V-Soft Digital. “We were able to get feedback from our clients and create a product that is very meaningful, timely and ultimately necessary in today’s world.”

The Back to Doing app focuses on solutions that are easy to adopt, like the self-certification surveys. Self-certification is a cost-effective way to help combat the spread of infection and is a common first step for businesses. These surveys consist of a select group of mandatory questions that can be customized per organization and are designed to detect anyone who may be carrying the infectious virus. Common questions include, “Have you experienced a fever in the last 24 hours?”, “Have you traveled to any COVID-19 hot spots in the past 7 days?” or “Have you been in contact with anyone that’s tested positive for COVID-19?”

Solely relying on the answers of a survey can still leave an organization at risk, however. That’s why the Back to Doing app includes a health screening feature which allows businesses to record temperatures and other relevant health data within the app to add a second layer of protection.

For multi-entrance or multi-building environments, more advanced technology can be added to V-Soft Digital’ Back to Doing application. The V-Soft Digital’ AI practice offers robust computer vision capabilities that can actively monitor a work environment to make sure employees are following proper social distancing and PPE protocols. Thermal imaging technology can be applied to existing security cameras and is an alternative to manual temperature checking that can benefit environments that are high-traffic or have multiple entrances.

Due to these unprecedented times, V-Soft Digital wants to get this solution to businesses as quickly and affordably as possible. They are offering a completely free installation of the product and a minimum subscription fee of just $1 per user, per month. Anyone interested can submit a quick form here.


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