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The Launch: V-Soft’s New Monthly Newsletter of Tech Articles for Business

The monthly newsletter will share how the most in-demand technologies are changing the business landscape.

August 1, 2020


V-Soft Consulting, an IT staffing and technology services company, announced the introduction of its newsletter The Launch, which will be sent out this August to help businesses understand the latest technologies in a more practical sense, sharing real-world case studies and concrete effects on the business landscape.

The IT company has a similar, long-standing technology newsletter The IT Pro Monthly dedicated to IT experts and consultants to stay up to date on all tech news that can help readers understand the latest trends and top technologies.

“We noticed our own consultants and general subscribers were getting a lot out of The IT Pro Monthly,” said V-Soft COO Keith Giffney. “We thought it would be a nice transition to start a similar newsletter for our clients and other business leaders.”

V-Soft Digital, the innovation arm of V-Soft Consulting, has several practice areas including artificial intelligence, cloud computing, robotic process automation, mobile, software development, etc. These practices are at the forefront of the latest trends and use cases to better help their customers. With that knowledge base, it was easy to create a monthly technology newsletter.

“Every day I’m working with clients to understand their problems and find the best, most cost-efficient solution for them,” said Manoj Iragavarapu, Managing Director of V-Soft Digital. “So, keeping a pulse on the latest industry news is a big part of my job and each practice head’s job.”

The Launch will be sent to subscribers monthly and will feature a prize giveaway. Anyone interested in subscribing can do so here.


About V-Soft Consulting

V-Soft Consulting Group is headquartered in Louisville, KY with strategic locations across the US and in India. Known as an agile innovative technology services company V-Soft was recently recognized among the top 100 fastest growing staffing companies in North America. V-Soft is a trusted partner with experience across diverse technology stacks to help business get IT done. V-Soft has a large quantity of expertise in-house complimented by on-demand talent via their IT staffing division. These compelling facts for business when combined with numerous best of employer awards makes V-Soft Consulting the employer of choice and the partner of choice for the enterprise.

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Michael Ross, Director of Marketing, mross@vsoftconsulting.com, direct (502) 242-1670

Kasey Tyring, Marketing Facilitator, ktyring@vosftconsulting.com. direct (502) 242-1667

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