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V-Soft Family

Welcome to the V-Soft family page! Check out our family members and meet those awesome professionals who make V-Soft the success it is. Our People First approach drives us to be a good employer providing a rewarding career for those that work here — this is likely why V-Soft was voted as the #8 for the”Best Places to Work in Kentucky” for large companies in Kentucky for 2017.

Our experienced family of professionals are trusted to deliver the results to our clients, partners and extended family of employees across the nation and around the world. Interested in joining the V-Soft family? Learn more on our careers page.

louisville software developer team
Co-Founder/President|Purna Veer|Louisville, KY

Purna Veer


Location: Louisville, KY
My Job: I am the leader of V-Soft, the fast growing IT Staffing and Custom Applications Development services firm. Learn more about my story here.
Prior to V-Soft: I started my career in environmental engineering. When I realized technology was my true calling, I founded V-Soft Consulting.
Favorite TV Show: House of Cards
Special Hobby: Golf

Co-Founder, CEO|Radhika Veer|Louisville, KY

Radhika Veer

Co-Founder, CEO

Don't worry! Radhika's profile will be available soon.

Corporate Counsel|Phil Williams|Louisville, KY

Phil Williams

Corporate Counsel

My Job: Internal corporate legal with responsibilities for contracts, immigration issues, litigation and compliance
Prior to V-Soft: Practicing attorney for over 35 years and was founder and managing partner for a 22 attorney law firm specializing in litigation and commercial law
Favorite Band: Parrot Head (jimmy Buffett)
Special Hobby: Student of several forms of martial arts over the last 30 years.

Executive VP of Sales|Nick Reddin|Louisville, KY

Nick Reddin

Executive VP of Sales

Location: Louisville, KY
My Job: I strengthen and expand our sales efforts while empowering our sales teams to provide the highest level of service and capabilities to our customers.
Prior to V-Soft: I have spent the last 20 years in the staffing industry, the majority of which has been with large multi-national organizations.
Favorite TV Show: Fresh Off the Boat
Favorite Hobby: I love barbecuing and trying new things on my smoker.

Global Director of Recruiting|kevin haas|Denver,CO

Kevin Haas

Global Director of Recruiting

Location: Denver, CO
My Job: I drive the overall matchmaking strategy of connecting top talent to our awesome clients. I genuinely enjoy training our teams and watching them become revenue rainmakers. My leadership style is getting to know each employee and figuring out what truly motivates them as no two employees are the same.
Prior to V-Soft: I've been in the staffing industry since graduating college and have held nearly every position. Intern, Recruiter, Account Manager, Business Development, Recruiting Manager and currently Director of Global Recruiting.
Special Hobby: Snowboarding

VP of Resource Management|Satya Nandyala|Louisville, KY

Satya Nandyala

VP of Resource Management

Location: Louisville, KY
My Job: I help Resource(Consultants) to achieve long term career prospects. I service customers by making our company to grow on top line revenue and profitability
Prior to V-Soft, I: Have experience with Subject Matter Expert (SME) Team Management, Process Mapping, Process Improvement concept of Six Sigma
Favorite Food: Indian, Mediterranean and Italian
Special Hobby: Gardening & golfing

Director of the Chicago Market|Sally Martin|Chicago, IL

Sally Martin

Executive V.P. of Sales – Midwest

Location: Chicago, IL
My Job: I help the Chicago team expand our footprint while evangelizing the integration of V-Soft into the Chicago market.
Prior to V-Soft, I: was the owner of Palace Gate Corp from 2006, we were purchased by V-Soft in 2016. I have 20 years of industry experience encompassing, sales, recruiting and operations.
Special Hobby: I love mountain biking!
Favorite Movie: The Deer Hunter, CRASH, Blades of Glory... It depends on the day.

Byro Vick

Byron Vick

Vice President of Business Solutions

Location: Louisville, KY
My Job: I help our organization "sell the vision" of solutions, enablers and thought leadership both internally and externally to clients.
Prior to V-Soft: I've had the opportunity to build consulting/professional/managed services divisions within numerous organizations.
Favorite Sports Team: Pittsburg Steelers
Special Hobby: Riding motorcycles and scuba diving

VP of Operations|Jai Bokey|Louisville, KY

Jai Bokey

VP of Operations

Location: Louisville, KY
My Job: My goal is to make V-Soft the 'Employer of Choice' for all current and prospective employees.
Favorite Food: Latin/Caribbean
Special Hobby: Organizing Events and Volunteering for Charitable /Non Profit Organizations

India Operations Head|Hassan Zakiul|Louisville, KY

Hassan Zakiul

India Operations Head

Location: Louisville, KY
My Job: I am responsible to take care of India operations. That includes Direct Recruiting, Resource Management Team, Talent Acquisition Team, HR, and Operations Team.
Prior to V-Soft: I was working as an IT Recruiter before I joined V-Soft .
Special Hobby: Singing, Cooking -- My favorite place to travel is Italy.
Favorite Movie: The Shawshank Redemption

Director of Marketing|Michael Ross|Louisville, KY

Michael Ross

Director of Marketing

Location: Louisville, KY
My Job: I help the world better understand the value we bring to our clients, partners, and employees.
Prior to V-Soft, I: Was the founder of a technology company running it for 16 years before getting into consulting business on how marketing can help grow business.
Special Hobby: I garden, I cook, and I eat.
Favorite Movie: The Matrix or Its a Wonderful Life - depending on the mood

Manoj Iragavarapu|Manoj Iragavarapu|Columbus, IN

Manoj Iragavarapu

Practice Head - Mobile Solutions

Location: Columbus, IN
My Job: I help build mobile practice so V-Soft can be market leader in mobile technology.
Prior to V-Soft, I: Have experience with GPS tracking, GIS mapping, Mobile based Entrepreneurship.
Favorite Food: Anything spicy
Special Hobby: Cricket & playing with my son.

Vice President, Managed Services|Mark McBee|Louisville, KY

Mark McBee

Vice President, Managed Services

Location: Louisville, KY
My Job: I help to bring new technical services to the Vsoft portfolio. These include Enterprise Hardware Solutions Implementation and support as well as a complete IT outsourcing.
Prior to V-Soft: I was founding partner and shareholder at MCPC. A $250 Million Cleveland OH based IT VAR. I also was COO and Managing partner of C-IT. A Louisville KY Managed Service Provider.
Special Hobby: Boating, Fishing, Golf and spending time with Grandchildren.
Favorite Movie: Godfather Trilogy


Brad Dunleavy

Director of Finance

Location: Harrisburg, PA
My Job: I help to ensure our finance team continues to produce timely, accurate reporting to support our clients and V-soft team.
Prior to V-Soft: I have 10 years of experience in Staffing working as Assistant Controller, Controller and recently as director of finance. Previously I have worked for a Property Developer for 13 years and spent 4 years in Public Accounting
Favorite Movie: Gotta love Austin Powers!
Special Hobby: I Love to travel. My favorite place is Slovakia. Beautiful country with wonderful people.

COO, Canadian Operations | Jay Mann | Toronto , Canada

Jay Mann

COO, Canadian Operations

Location: Toronto, Canada
My Job: I am fortunate enough to be in a position of leading a brilliant staff focused on the success of our client staffing and/or solutions. We pride ourselves on finding the best talent for our clients and keeping our clients on the leading edge of what technology has to offer as industry leaders.
Prior to V-Soft: I was a key owner of Lintex Global Staffing.
Favorite Sports Team: Toronto Maple Leafs
Special Hobby: Playing Hockey.

Administrative Assistant | Elise Amshoff | Louisville, KY

Elise Amshoff

Administrative Assistant

Location: Louisville, KY
My Job: I help my managers by preparing their petition and RFE cases. I make sure that any daily mailings are done and sent properly. I maintain consultant files and the filing system.
Prior to V-Soft: I worked as a Team Lead at Tractor Supply which gave me management experience, and I had an internship with Girl Scouts of Kentuckiana that allowed me to see the official side to the organization.
Favorite Sports Team: University of Louisville
Special Hobby: Horseback riding or hiking with my dog.

Talent Acquisition Coordinator|Gaby Arias|Chicago, IL

Gaby Arias

H.R. Specialist

Location: Chicago, IL

Ben Arasi | Technical Recruiter | Denver,CO

Ben Arasi

Technical Recruiter

Location: Denver , CO
My Job: I ensure that I recruit and retain top tier talent throughout the local, and national marketplace. The main objective is to further grow V-Soft on a national and international s stage, as one of the leaders in the Information Technology sector.
Special Hobby: Training Jiu Jitsu.

Recruiting Delivery Manager|Travis Arkon|Louisville, KY

Travis Arkon

Recruiting Delivery Manager

Location: Louisville, KY
My Job: I enjoy working with people and helping IT professionals find their next career opportunity. I also love training and mentoring team members.
Favorite Food: Pizza
Favorite TV Show: Top Chef
Special Hobby: I love Bikram Yoga and I am an avid reader. Costa Rica is one of my favorite places to travel so far.

Accounts Payable Clerk | Scott Ballard | Louisville , KY

Scott Ballard

Accounts Payable Clerk

Location: Louisville, KY
My Job: I service V-Soft by making payments to vendors.
Prior to V-Soft: I have been working in Accounts Payable for 20 years.
Favorite TV Show: The Walking Dead
Special Hobby: I enjoy going to the beach.

Business Support Team Lead | Heather Barrington | Toronto, Canada

Heather Barrington

Business Support Team Lead

Location: Toronto, Canada
My Job: I support all company functions as well as employee and consultants. I make sure that everything from billing to payroll runs smooth and efficiently.
Prior to V-Soft: I spent 10 years at Lintex Global Staffing.
Favorite Sports Team: Toronto Raptors
Special Hobby: I enjoy travelling with my children for soccer.

Associate Recruiter | Gabrielle Bell | Chicago IL

Gabrielle Bell

Associate Recruiter

Location: Chicago, IL
My Job: I help support management in sourcing and screening candidates to meet staffing needs for clients.
Favorite Movie: Step Up
Special Hobby: I love dancing and listening to all types of music.

Operations Assistant|Cosette Bergin|Chicago, IL

Cosette Bergin

Operations Assistant

Location: Chicago, IL
My Job: I support all departments to ensure V-Soft delivers the best customer service to our clients.
Prior to V-Soft, I: graduated from the University of Dayton in May of 2016. Since then I had an internship with the communications team at my alma mater, Loyola Academy. I am thrilled to start my professional career!
Special Hobby: I love to see plays and musicals! My name was inspired by the play Les Miserables.
Favorite Movie: One of my favorite movies is Big Fish. It is very odd, yet creative and heartwarming.

Director IT/Engineering Services | Alan Barnes | Louisville, KY

Alan Barnes

Director IT/Engineering Services

My Job: I oversee the operations of our managed services division, ensuring our helpdesk is meeting the expectations of our clients and V-Soft internally via helping prioritize workload, training and guiding our technicians, and staying abreast of new technologies.
Favorite TV Show: Silicon Valley
Special Hobby: I'm very involved in the local beer community and travel often for events and to visit new breweries

Senior Recruiter|sharon borde|Madison,WI

Sharon Borde

Senior Recruiter

Location: Madison, WI
My Job: I connect top tier IT talent with amazing client opportunities!
Prior to V-Soft: I have over 30 years experience in the IT industry, working with both Fortune 500 companies and top IT industry talent to help clients with their technical needs.
Favorite TV Show: Big Bang Theory
Special Hobby: My favorite place in the entire world to travel is Glacier National Park! I want to volunteer there when I retire!

Recruiter|Billy Bisson|Chicago, IL

Billy Bisson


Location: Chicago, IL
My Job: I "search and employ". I find technical individuals that support the skills, environment and personalities our clients are asking for.
Prior to V-Soft, I: was a recruiter for Palace Gate Corporation
Special Hobby: Motorcycles. Ton-Up a not for profit motobike club that I am a member of, we support a Scholarship titled after a good friend who passed away and a program Tools4Teens where we give teens tool boxes filled with tools, rides, rallies and shows.
Favorite Movie: Blue Velvet

Senior Business Development Manager|Greg Brendel|Louisville, KY

Gregory Brendel

Senior Business Development Manager

Location: Louisville, KY
My Job: Business Performance Specialist, I create and manage client engagements
Prior to V-Soft, I: Worked as a Business Development person at a Customized software development firm
Favorite Food: Biryani, salmon Caesar salad, or chicken wings
Special Hobby: Birding and traveling worldwide

Receptionist | Emily Bryson | Louisville, KY

Emily Bryson


Location: Louisville, KY
My Job: I greet everyone and provide friendly communication with clients and employees. I help connect others with the correct person for their service.
Favorite TV Show: Walking Dead
Special Hobby: I love to coach cheerleading

Immigration Manager|Tanya Blocker|Louisville, KY

Tanya Blocker

Immigration Manager

Location: Louisville, KY
My Job: I manage the immigration process for V-Soft employees.
Special Hobby: My life revolves around my kids.
Favorite Sports Team: Green Bay Packers

Senior Technical Recruiter | Carl Coppatto | Madison, WI

Carl Coppatto

Senior Technical Recruiter

Location: Madison, WI
My Job: I ensure that the V-Soft footprint in Madison WI flourishes by providing a positive customer experience and by ensuring that our client openings get the attention they deserve.
Favorite Movie: The Godfather
Special Hobby: Traveling

IT Recruiter|Angelica Carroll|Chicago, IL

Angelica Carroll

IT Recruiter

Location: Chicago, IL
My Job: I help connect talent into the right position. I also service clients and assist them in finding the right candidates for their needs.
Prior to V-Soft: I worked four years at Palace Gate before we merged with our new V-Soft family last year.
Special Hobby: Spending time with my family.
Favorite Movie: Pretty Woman

Proposal Specialist|Carissa Clark|Louisville, KY

Carissa Clark

Proposal Specialist

Location: Louisville, KY
My Job: I support the Proposal Manager in capturing bid opportunities related to IT staffing and consulting. I propose business solutions to the government on a local, state and federal level.
Prior to V-Soft: I created a cost analysis and recommendation for contractor selection in the bid process for several large companies, assisted in writing and revising Request for Proposals for the multi-function devices and coordinated with vendors, and also managing the responses in the bid process.
Favorite TV Show: The Blacklist or Reign
Favorite Hobby: Reading, sketching or painting (oil), lake surfing at Rough River

Jason Corletta

Jason Corletta

Account Manager

Location: Chicago, IL
My Job: I connect my clients with the right talent and challenge them to make hiring decisions.
Prior to V-Soft, I: was in sales/account management with Palace Gate Corporation, which merged with V-Soft in 2016.
Special Hobby: I love to travel (especially to Europe,) and I play basketball.
Favorite TV Show: The Office

Senior Business Development Manager | Manotee Cornett | Madison, WI

Manotee Cornett

Sr. Business Development Manager

Location: Madison, WI
My Job: I help my clients solve their problems.
Prior to V-Soft: I spent 11 years working in IT Staffing. Prior to that I was a developer and software trainer.
Special Hobby: Traveling! I have a timeshare in Mexico and I also love visiting Italy, France and the Midwest especially Wyoming, Montana and Colorado.

Director Strategic Accounts|Greg Daniel|St. Petersburg, FL

Greg Daniel

Director Strategic Accounts

Location: St. Petersburg, FL
My Job: I serve as the liaison between clients, candidates, recruiting, sales, operations and third party partners across the Strategic Accounts (MSP/VMS) spectrum.
Prior to V-Soft: 15+ years of staffing industry experience across multiple structures.
Favorite TV Show: The Dick Van Dyke Show
Favorite Food: Grilled red snapper


Patti Davis

Senior Recruiter

Location: Chicago, IL
My Job: I am a remote contract recruiter supporting the efforts of the Chicago team to fill open positions for all clients. I have worked with the Chicago team since late 2010.
Prior to V-Soft, I: have prior experience with Information Technology Account Management and Sales with various firms. I was referred to Sally by a mutual contact, and I have been working with the Chicago team ever since! Working in recruiting from product/service sales has been a very rewarding and educational experience.
Special Hobby: Nature/dog walks, video games, cooking.
Favorite Movie: The Matrix.

Help Desk Technician|jessica dezarn|Louisville, KY

Jessica Dezarn

Help Desk Technician

Location: Louisville, KY
My Job: As help desk technician I provide technological assistance when needed as well as assist with the implementation of new technology.
Prior to V-Soft: I was previously an IT Support technician, providing support to others whether it was resetting a password or setting up a new workstation.
Special Hobby: My favorite hobby is playing video games - the Legend of Zelda and Final Fantasy series being my favorites. I also occasionally sew and craft.
Favorite TV Show: Game of Thrones, Torchwood and Archer are just a few of my favorites.

Sachin Dharamkar|Sachin Dharamkar|Louisville, KY

Sachin Dharamkar

Talent Acquisition Manager

Location: Louisville, KY
My Job: I help people achieve their goals in life by helping them to find the right career.
Prior to V-Soft: I have 12 years of experience in hiring and people management.
Special Hobby: When I have free time, I enjoy working out at the gym.
Favorite Movie: Furious 7


Joan Dominguez

Senior Business Development Manager

Location: Austin, TX
My Job: Providing central Texas with IT solutions and staffing that transforms how IT gets done. I will work closely with V-Soft’s Consulting’s proven recruiting talent to meet the needs of this fast nimble market.
Prior to V-Soft: I have successfully sold services across the C-Suite, created a book-of-business, and managed IT field territories for more than 10 years. My breath of experience includes selling data migration tools, SOW project management, and IT account management with off-site and on-site resources.
Favorite TV Show: Lost in Space

Sr. Sales Consultant|Don Eiling|Madison, WI

Don Eiling

Sr. Sales Consultant

Location: Madison, WI
My Job: I connect clients with quality resources and solutions. I enjoy helping the organizations we partner with achieve their business goals.
Prior to V-Soft: I have spent time with many companies bringing a wide range of solutions to customers.
Favorite TV Show: I'm presently on 30 Rock and that ranks high on my list!
Favorite Food: A memorable meal was Eggs Florentine at a New Orleans hotel. Wish I could recreate it!

Account Manager|Karly Fisher|Denver,CO

Karly Fisher

Account Manager

Location: Denver,CO

ITS Engineer|Gene Frank|Cincinnati, OH

Gene Frank

ITS Engineer

Location: Cincinnati, OH
My Job: I design low voltage cable systems to provide our clients with reliable superior network infrastructure. I also evaluate existing systems and provide suggestions for infrastructure improvement.
Prior to V-Soft: I have been involved in technology in various capacities for over 20 years. I have a wide range of experience to draw from multiple organizations and operating structures. I look forward to providing our clients multiple options for future success.
Favorite TV Show: Big Bang Theory
Special Hobby: Model railroading, Prototype railroading, and cars.

Senior Sales Consultant | Gregg Garlesky | Louisville, KY

Gregg Garlesky

Senior Sales Consultant

Location: Louisville, KY
My Job: My goal is to make V-Soft Infrastructure the household name for network design & engineering and to provide top notch performance in all we engage in.
Favorite Movie: Anchorman
Special Hobby: I love to visit distilleries, try new foods and spend time with friends and family.

Senior Recruiter|Lorie Gironda|Chicago, IL

Lorie Gironda

Senior Recruiter

Location: Chicago, IL
My Job: I am a high-energy performer who collaborates well with team members. I am passionate about giving my candidates and clients 110 percent throughout the entire hiring process. My industry knowledge and professional network continue to expand in the areas of Web & Application Development, Data Warehousing, Server Administration, Network/Infrastructure Engineers & Architects, Project Management, Business Analysis as well as several various niche technologies and needs of our clients.
Prior to V-Soft, I: was referred into the Chicago team by Mike Hoffmann.
Favorite Band: Zac Brown Band
Favorite Movie: When a Man Loves a Woman

Solutions Sales Director|Beau Gibbs|Waterloo, IA

Beau Gibbs

Solutions Sales Director

Location: Waterloo, IOWA
My Job: I will be supporting an already successful business development team to deliver more value through added services in their already impressive customer portfolio. We plan on leveraging V-Soft's solutions expertise to strengthen our customer relationships in order to gain market share in an extremely competitive and growing Denver market.
Prior to V-Soft: I was an account Executive for AIM Consulting, specializing in staffing support and deliverable based project work.
Favorite TV Show: Ballers, South Park, Silicon Valley
Favorite Sports Team: Denver Broncos

Recruiting Manager | Peter Gulati | Toronto , Canada

Peter Gulati

Recruiting Manager

Location: Toronto, Canada
My Job: I deliver high-performance strategic talent attraction/acquisition of candidate placements for contract and permanent IT opportunities within private and public sector.
Prior to V-Soft: Over ten years proven record of success in locating, identifying, and closing top candidate talents with rich experience in IT consulting for international clients in the US, Canada and India.
Favorite Sports Team: Indian Cricket Team
Special Hobby: I like to play sports, work out and play brain games.

Senior Technical Recruiter|Heather Gumm|Louisville, KY

Heather Gumm

Senior Technical Recruiter

Location: Louisville, KY
My Job: I am an IT matchmaker and pride myself in pairing the best and most qualified candidates with the appropriate roles and clients.
Prior to V-Soft, I: was an IT recruiter as well as a business development manager in my previous role, I love working with people and placing candidates in roles that make them happy and finding clients new team members to add to their work family
Favorite Band: Band of Horses
Favorite TV Show: This Is Us

Ryan Haggerty

Ryan Haggerty

Sr Technical Recruiter

Location: Denver,CO

Business Development Manager | Jeff Hall |Louisville, KY

Jeff Hall

Business Development Manager

Location: Louisville, KY
My Job: I help clients align IT with their business initiatives.
Prior to V-Soft: I spent 7 Years as Director of Sales for a Managed IT Services company
Favorite Sports Team: Louisville Football Club
Special Hobby: Backpacking

Senior Sales Consultant – Government Solutions|Mark Hansel|Union, KY

Mark Hansel

Senior Sales Consultant – Government Solutions

Location: Union, KY
My Job: I search for opportunities within the public sector that will connect V-Soft with those organizations that need solutions to their IT problems. I also connect V-Soft with other consulting companies so that we can work together to provide services to solve much larger problems that one company alone can solve.
Prior to V-Soft: I have being doing business development within the IT arena for almost 20 years.
Favorite TV Show: Previously, The Sopranos and Sons of Anarchy, but now, Marvel's Agents of SHIELD!
Special Hobby: I enjoy golf, although I'm not terribly good, enjoy watching football with my family, and also enjoys the outdoors going camping with family and friends!

Network Engineer | Michael Hawkins | Louisville, KY

Michael Hawkins

Network Engineer

Location: Louisville, KY
My Job: I build, maintain, and support technologies used by managed services clients.
Favorite Movie: The Dark Knight
Special Hobby: Backpacking

Director of Recruiting|Jennifer Hegener|Chicago, IL

Jennifer Hegener

Director of Recruiting

Location: Chicago, IL
My Job: I lead the recruiting function to deliver top tier talent to our clients quickly. I work closely with our Recruiters and Resource Managers to make sure we have a smooth, efficient process. I also partner with Sales to make sure we are in alignment and can make sure V-Soft is the staffing firm of choice!
Prior to V-Soft: I have worked as an English teacher as well as an Admissions Recruiter for independent schools. I have spent 17 years in IT recruiting in both staffing and corporate settings, and for the past 5 years have worked as Palace Gate Corporation, leading the recruiting function.
Favorite TV Show: Schitt's Creek — I love Eugene Levy and Catherine O'Hara!
Special Hobby: I am a runner and completed the Chicago half marathon in 2015.

Sr. Account Manager|Mike Hoffman|Chicago, IL

Mike Hoffmann

Sr. Account Manager

Location: Chicago, IL
My Job: I break and service accounts and also enjoy mentoring the sales team at Palace Gate to help shorten the sales cycle for acquiring new accounts... for all to enjoy.
Prior to V-Soft, I: have 17 years in IT staffing! I worked with Sally Martin early in our careers and stayed in touch, thankfully.
Special Hobby: Backpacking/hiking/camping, and volleyball
Favorite Movie: Old School

HR Administrative Specialist|Lindsay Holguin|Madison,WI

Lindsay Holguin

HR Administrative Specialist

Location: Madison, WI
My Job: I am the H.R. Admin Specialist in charge of making sure consultants and internal staff start their employment on time. I also handle background check compliance, benefits administration, event planning, office management and anything else that comes up.
Prior to V-Soft: I was working as an Executive Assistant of a construction company prior to coming to V-Soft.
Favorite TV Show: Doctor Who, New Girl, I.T. Crowd, The Newsroom.
Special Hobby: Nature walks, hiking, video games, touring different breweries in the Madison area.

HR Manager-Direct|Lisa Hintz|Madison, WI

Lisa Hintz

HR Manager-Direct

Location: Madison, WI
My Job: I support all company functions and employees. I provide a high level of service to all employees to ensure V-Soft remains highly credited and the top consulting company to work for.
Prior to V-Soft: I worked for 9 years doing 1/2 Recruiting and 1/2 HR Generalist role.
Favorite Band: Bon Jovi. I also really like Godsmack, Metallica, Maroon 5, Adele, I could go on.
Special Hobby: A favorite hobby of mine that I don't have time to do is scrapbooking.

BST Administrator | Jennifer Ingram | Toronto , Canada

Jennifer Ingram

BST Administrator

Location: Toronto, Canada
My Job: I answer the phones and direct them to the appropriate person. I create invoices for the clients and do the internal billing, as well as format resumes that need to be submitted to clients.
Prior to V-Soft: I worked in Customer Service. This has provided me the skills I need when communicating with consultants or clients.
Special Hobby: I like to travel to Cuba and Dominican Republic.

Senior Technical Recruiter|Rekha Kalita|Louisville, KY

Rekha Kalita

Senior Technical Recruiter

My Job: I connect with people and find the best talent for my clients. I am responsible for building relationships with candidates and helping them build/improve their professional career.
Prior to V-Soft, I: Had past recruiting experience.
Favorite TV Shows: Selling LA and New York HGTV
Favorite Food: Simple food..... Rice, lentils, green vegetables, etc.

Business Development Manager|Greg Kennedy|Louisville, KY

Greg Kennedy

Business Development Manager

Location: Louisville, KY
My Job: I establish and maintain relationships with clients and business partners who are in need of staffing and/or development solutions.
Prior to V-Soft, I: I have nearly 20 years experience in the IT industry and recently have transitioned into a sales position.
Favorite TV Show: Blindspot
Special Hobby: Golfing

Account Manager|Sean Keeley|Louisville, KY

Sean Keely

Account Manager

Location: Louisville, KY
My Job: I bring people together with companies to make certain that V-Soft can provide the best possible solutions for our clients.
Prior to V-Soft, I: I come from a background in vocational ministry, education, and financial services. I love to help people learn more, do more, and be more of who the desire to be.
Favorite TV Show: Firefly
Special Hobby: I love board games, video games, group games, or anything else that is a game.

Sales and Recruiting Coordinator|Brianna Kolder|Louisville, KY

Brianna Kolder

Sales and Recruiting Coordinator

Location: Louisville, KY
My Job: I publish our open client jobs on a daily basis to our corporate site, and integrate in job boards and social media to create a consistent branding image of V-Soft for potential candidates on the job hunt. I coordinate with Recruiting and Sales to ensure we provide the highest quality candidates to our clients across the U.S.
Favorite Food: Pizza
Favorite TV Show: Grey's Anatomy and How I Met Your Mother
Special Hobby: I'm really into crafting and painting. I actually paint and sell canvas art and wine glasses just for fun. I also love party planning and decorating.

ServiceNow Developer|Prasad Kodumuri|Louisville, KY

Prasad Kodumuri

ServiceNow Developer

Location: Louisville, KY
My Job: As part of V-Soft ServiceNow team I help bring operational efficiency by automating internal processes using ServiceNow and ensure that V-Soft's ServiceNow clients get the right results.
Favorite Food: Biryani
Favorite TV Show: Big Bang Theory
Favorite Movie: Slum Dog Millionaire


Madhuri Krothapalli

Senior Technical Recruiter

Location: San Ramon, CA

Account Manager|Cathy Kuratko|Chicago, IL

Cathy Kuratko

Account Manager

Location: Chicago, IL

Business Development Manager|Ron-Lenox|Louisville, KY

Ron Lenox

Business Development Manager

Location: Louisville, KY
My Job: I become a trusted adviser to my customers by fully understanding their business challenges and desired outcomes. Together, we leverage technology to best meet their needs. By coming from a position of service, V-Soft becomes an extension of my customers team.
Prior to V-Soft: As a sales professional, I have spent over 20 years focusing on my customers needs in order to help them prosper.
Favorite TV Show: Blacklist
Special Hobby: Bow-hunting, photography, travel and reading.

Business Development Manager | Rebecca Loffert | Denver, CO

Rebecca Loffert

Business Development Manager

Location: Denver,CO

Director of Sales, ServiceNow Practice | Greg Loftin | Denver, CO

Greg Loftin

Director of Sales, ServiceNow Practice

Location: Denver, CO
My Job: I manage ServiceNow efforts for the US Western region.
Special Hobby: Being in Denver, I like anything outside. I enjoy camping, motorcycles, mountain biking, hiking and skiing.

User Experience Architect|James Martin|Chicago, IL

James Martin

User Experience Architect

Location: Chicago, IL

Pre-Sales Technical Consultant | Steve Matthews | Louisville, KY

Steve Matthews

Pre-Sales Technical Consultant

Location: Louisville, KY
My Job: I ensure that IT Service Management best practices are embedded in V-Soft’s culture of successful ServiceNow implementations. This includes capturing customer requirements, ensuring that they are understood by all stakeholders, and value is realized and visible in our ServiceNow implementations.
Prior to V-Soft: Principal Consultant and Founder of DorLind, LLC.
Special Hobby: Professional musician.


Mariah McCrea

Recruiting Assistant

Location: Denver,CO

Sr. Technical Recruiter | Sara Moon | Denver, CO

Sara Moon

Sr. Technical Recruiter

Location: Denver , CO
My Job: I support V-Soft by connecting highly qualified applicants with the roles our clients need filled. My goal is to find not only a skilled candidate, but someone with the total package of communication, personality, aptitude and technical abilities.
Favorite Music: I love a little of everything, but folk rock, folk singer/songwriters are my favorites. My favorite band is Dave Matthews Band. I've seen them over 25 times!


Michael Morrisey

Sr Technical Recruiter

Location: Denver,CO

Media and Content Strategist|Geoff Martin|Chicago, IL

Geoff Martin

Media and Content Strategist

Location: Chicago, IL
My Job: I perform project and content management for select clients and also facilitate social media and photography-related aspects of the business, for the Chicago office.
Prior to V-Soft: 15 years of public relations and marketing experience, working directly with major clients and news media outlets across the world. Also about 10 years of photography experience.
Favorite TV Show: Discovery channel and traveling shows.
Favorite Hobby: I've been to California more than any other location. I always enjoy the geographic diversity there. Also, Colorado. Outside of work, I enjoy being outside and exercising, and also photography.

Accounts Payable Coordinator|Leigh Ann McCalla|Louisville, KY

Leigh Ann McCalla

Accounts Payable Coordinator

Location: Louisville, KY
My Job: I help to ensure our expenses are recorded correctly so that our vendors and subcontractors are paid accurately and on time.
Prior to V-Soft: I worked as a Staff Accountant for a company called The GolfWorks, which is a subsidiary of Dick's Sporting Goods.
Favorite TV Show: Game of Thrones, Blacklist, Blindspot
Favorite Food: Mediterranean or Mexican

Paralegal|Lauren Williams Mudd|Louisville, KY

Lauren Williams Mudd


My Job: : I support our corporation's legal department in many facets of corporate law--from paperwork to court proceedings. Much of my time is spent carrying out tasks such as updating company files, preparing legal contracts, maintaining compliance files, and reviewing documents.
Prior to V-Soft: I have previously worked in a Trust Department handling estate files and probate. Prior to that I was located out of London arranging for insurance and import/export documents for an international auction house.
Favorite TV Show: Game of Thrones.
Special Hobby: Raising two boys under the age of four and sleeping.

HR/Office Manager|Kristen Osberg|Chicago, IL

Kristen Osberg

Assistant Director of Finance

Location: Chicago, IL
My Job: I help keep behind-the-scenes office operations running smoothly to ensure V-Soft delivers the best employee experience in the industry.
Prior to V-Soft, I: I started out working as the office manager at a transmission repair shop right out of high school. There I handled all bookkeeping duties, customer service, marketing and even sales. I started working at Palace Gate in 2009 and have had the wonderful opportunity to grow with the company throughout the years, leading up to their acquisition by V-Soft!
Special Hobby: Our family rents the same cottage just south of South Haven, MI every year. The cottage is directly on Lake Michigan and is absolutely our own personal paradise.
Favorite Movie: Hope Floats

Operations Coordinator|Sudhir Patri|Louisville, KY

Sudhir Patri

Operations Coordinator

Location: Louisville, KY
My Job: Recruit,Career Counseling and Resource Management
Prior to V-Soft: My sales/Marketing experience brought me to V-Soft
Favorite Food: Spicy Indian food
Special Hobby: Writing

Senior Technical Recruiter|Pratima Parvathaneni|Louisville, KY

Pratima Parvathaneni

Senior Technical Recruiter

Location: Louisville, KY
My Job: I help to find the best candidates for our clients.
Prior to V-Soft: Have been with Viraj LLC since 2004, and started working for V-Soft after the acquisition that happened, effective August 1, 2015
Special Hobby: Gardening, watching movies
Favorite Food: Desserts :-)

Business Development Manager (ServiceNow Practice)|Pratap Bhuvan|Atlanta, GA

Bhuvan Pratap

Business Development Manager (ServiceNow Practice)

Location: Atlanta, GA
My Job: I help with recruiting talent.
Prior to V-Soft: I was a resource manager at Viraj.
Favorite TV Show: I love 4400 and House of Cards.
Special Hobby: Travelling, playing cricket.

Recruiting Lead|Bari Pritchett|Chicago, IL

Bari Pritchett

Recruiting Lead

Location: Chicago, IL
My Job: I provide guidance to junior recruiters. I am a trusted adviser and coach to candidates, assisting them in advancing their career and connecting them with the right opportunity.
Prior to V-Soft, I: have 15 plus years of recruiting, leading, and mentoring junior level recruiters.
Special Hobby: Jamaica/Negril is my favorite place to travel. I enjoy cooking, spending time with my family
Favorite TV Show: The Simpsons

Recruiter|Eugene Pollock|Chicago, IL

Eugene Pollock


Location: Chicago, IL

Training & Recruitment Specialist|Manasa Ramineni|Louisville, KY

Manasa Ramineni

Training & Recruitment Specialist

Location: Louisville, KY
My Job: I recruit IT Talent and provide them with the training required to advance their skillset.
Prior to V-Soft: My experience was mostly in to providing manpower to IT Clients.
Favorite TV Show: House of Cards, Hawaii Five-0
Special Hobby: Shopping (Includes anything and everything)

Senior Business Development Manager|Geoff Ritter|Louisville, KY

Geoffrey Ritter

Senior Business Development Manager

Location: Louisville, KY
My Job: I support our Business Solutions group in a business development role. I help bridge our technical services with new clients in Kentucky and across the globe.
Prior to V-Soft: Over the past 15 years, I have sold IT consulting services in multiple areas of the IT stack.
Favorite Band: Grateful Dead
Special Hobby: I enjoy golfing in the warm months and hunting in the winter. I also enjoy salt water fishing.

Payroll/HR Specialist|Dawn Sabin|Madison, WI

Dawn Sabin

Payroll/HR Specialist

Location: Madison, WI
My Job: My primary role is to process our payroll. However, I also support Human Resources and Accounting.
Prior to V-Soft, I: Was working with a recruiter when they suggested I interview for the internal Office Administrator position. I also worked as a Certified Insurance Counselor and as a Professional Photographer.
Favorite Band: Jane's Addiction
Favorite Sports Team: Green Bay Packers

Immigration Team Lead|Cassie Schaefer|Louisville, KY

Cassie Schaefer

Immigration Team Lead

Location: Louisville, KY
My Job: I am part of the immigration team and we support the consultants in maintaining their work status to continue the growth of V-Soft and the company as a whole.
Prior to V-Soft: Before V-Soft I was a server and went to college full time. I found the position at V-Soft right after graduation and started at the front desk and worked up to Team Lead in Immigration.
Favorite TV Show: Grey's Anatomy
If you were a superhero - who would you be? Wonder Woman

Sr. Technical Recruiter | Patrick Sawhill | Denver, CO

Patrick Sawhill

Sr. Technical Recruiter

Location: Denver,CO

Executive Assistance | Lauren Schappe | Louisville, KY

Lauren Schappe

Executive Assistance

Location: Louisville, KY
My Job: I supports Purna Veer and our team to ensure V-Soft delivers the most satisfactory solutions and service.
Prior to V-Soft: I was an Executive Assistant and Project Coordinator, I utilized my job management and office administration skills to bring quality work and customer satisfaction throughout the company.
Favorite TV Shows: How I Met Your Mother, Modern Family, and the History channel
Special Hobby: I'm an athlete. I've been playing volleyball for 25 years along with most other sports. I like to read, craft, all outdoor activities.

Account Manager|Carly Schoenenberger|Madison, WI

Carly Shoenenberger

Account Manager

Location: Madison, WI
My Job: I help great, talented individuals further advance their career in the field of Information Technology.
Prior to V-Soft: I had experience in recruiting and Human Resources.
Special Hobby: I love traveling. I try to take at least 1 vacation a year either across the United States or out of the country.
Favorite Movie: National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

Business Development Manager | Jeet Singh | Toronto , Canada

Jeet Singh

Business Development Manager

Location: Toronto, Canada
My Job: I help my clients to achieve success though finding the right resource/solution in a timely manner.
Prior to V-Soft: I began my career in Computer Operations, followed by Application Development and Technical Support. Then led the Business Support Team assisting Account Managers with IT staffing requirements, before transitioning to the Business Development Manager position.
Favorite TV Show: Doc Martin
Special Hobby: Golf.


Madeline Smith

Associate Recruiter

Location: Chicago, IL
My Job: I help find potential candidates to ensure V-Soft services their clients that are looking to hire IT professionals. I connect with qualified candidates and make sure that we bring the best possible individuals to our clients.
Favorite TV Show: Grey’s Anatomy
Special Hobby: Running

Account Manager|Ashima Soni|

Ashima Soni

Account Manager

My Job: I help my clients by building and managing relationships, partnering with them to understand/leverage financials, and ensure recruitment/workforce planning.
Prior to V-Soft: I managed the HR organization for a group and was the Location HR Business Partner Lead.
Special Hobby: I love to cook. That's my stress buster.
If I Were a Superhero, I'd Be: I am a mom to two kids (not counting my husband!); do I really need to be a superhero?

Resource Manager|Vijay Srivastava|Louisville, KY

Vijay Srivastava

Resource Manager

Location: Louisville, KY
My Job: As a Resource Manager at V-Soft, I connect with new resources and partners in the IT market to bring great talent and revenue to the company.
Prior to V-Soft: My vast IT Staffing & Sales/Business Development experience with AMSOL and ICSA gave me the opportunity to secure my position as Resource Manager with V-Soft since 2010.
Favorite TV Show: Property Brothers on HGTV
Favorite Movie: The Mask - I saw this when I was young, it became a favorite and I still watch it!

Director, Strategic Account Sales|Tammy Simonetti|Harrisburg, PA

Tammy Simonetti

Director, Strategic Account Sales

Location: Harrisburg, PA
My Job: I help V-Soft work with some of our largest clients and continues to bring the best solutions. I opens up new opportunities for revenue.
Special Hobby: Running, skiing, cooking and travel.

HR Manager-Indirect|Bijal Shah|Louisville, KY

Bijal Shah

HR Manager-Indirect

Location: Louisville, KY
My Job: I support to Line up Payroll and HR serivces.
Favorite Food: Home cooked comfort food
Special Hobby: Gardening.

Engagement Manager | John Sowell | Louisville, KY

John Sowell

Engagement Manager

Location: Louisville, KY
My Job: I empower the engagement team to ensure V-Soft delivers delightful service and useful solutions to our many clients. My focus is on delivering more than we’ve promised and always looking for new opportunities to expand the relationship.
Prior to V-Soft: I’m software development manager with 35+ years’ IT experience who enjoys leading teams of professionals to create and implement software solutions that solve real world problems.
Special Hobby: Spending time with family

Director of IT Staffing | Ryan Stearns | Denver, CO

Ryan Stearns

Director of IT Staffing

Location: Denver, CO
My Job: I lead the sales and business development efforts of the Denver team to expand relationships within our market and drive revenue through consistent delivery of services and solutions.
Favorite Music: I'm a huge live music fan and try to catch as many concerts around Colorado as possible. If I had to pick one band, it would definitely be the Grateful Dead.

Practice Head - Testing Center of Excellence (TCoE)|Sriram Tadiboyina|louisville,KY

Sriram Tadiboyina

Practice Head - Testing Center of Excellence (TCoE)

Location: Louisville, KY
My Job: I lead the QA CoE Practice at V-Soft to deliver better value and superior quality solutions to customers. I also position V-Soft as a market leader in QA industry with proven innovative and in-house capabilities by strengthening our existing core processes in the QA space.
Prior to V-Soft: Spent last 17 years in the IT Services industry, with large multi-national organizations (MNC's). Worked 10 years for Capgemini America Inc. as a QA Program Manager delivering QA COE services and managing Teams to their North American Clients across USA, Canada & West Indies.
Favorite Movie: The Shawshank Redemption
Special Hobby: Mentor people in need in education and reading.

Recruiting Manager|Ken Treinen|Madison, WI

Ken Treinen

Recruiting Manager

Location: Madison, WI
My Job: I work with the Madison Team (recruiting and sales) to build out the Madison Market, and to promote and endorse the V-Soft brand, values and culture to our clients and candidates. Yes we need to focus on submitting resources for our current open requirements, but we need to proactively identifying (source & screen) candidates that not only have the technical abilities to match our client’s needs, but more importantly who are a cultural fit for their environment.
Prior to V-Soft, I: I have more than 20 years of experience in IT Recruiting, and the last 16 years I was instrumental in building out an IT Staff Augmentation division in Madison, WI to a 3 million dollar business.
Favorite TV Show: History Channel, Discovery Channel and Modern Family
Special Hobby: Golf, curling, traveling, and relaxing on the patio with family and friends.

Manager - Talent Strategy | Ron Trentini | Toronto , Canada

Ron Trentini

Manager - Talent Strategy

Location: Toronto, Canada
My Job: I’m responsible for developing and driving strategic sourcing strategies for IT/Business domains for large private/public sector employers and small to medium businesses throughout North America.
Prior to V-Soft: I have extensive experience working with clients’ business needs and stakeholders across various teams within and outside of client procurement.
Favorite TV Show: Breaking Bad
Favorite Food: Fish Tacos.

Marketing Facilitator | Kasey Tyring | Louisville, KY

Kasey Tyring

Marketing Facilitator

Location: Louisville, KY
My Job: I execute communication, social media, and public relations initiatives from our marketing department to ensure V-Soft is the first company stakeholders think of when they need IT staffing and services.
Prior to V-Soft: I have worked with small business and agencies to elevate their online presence to create more brand awareness and conversions.
Favorite Band: The Shins
Special Hobby: I love going to concerts and supporting local artists.

IT Recruiter | Kalie Vaughn | Denver, CO

Kalie Vaughn

IT Recruiter

Location: Denver, CO
My Job: I’m a highly driven, hard-working, personable professional that identifies top talent to fill company needs.
Favorite TV Show: Game of Thrones
Special Hobby: Kalie enjoys traveling; her favorite places she’s traveled so far are Italy and Thailand.

Senior Account Manager|Sheila Willis|Chicago, IL

Sheila Willis

Senior Account Manager

Location: Chicago, IL
My Job: I connect talent to opportunities.
Prior to V-Soft: 15 years in staffing brought me here.
Favorite Food: Cake
Special hobby: Theater

“We're not about machines or technology, it's people first. It's in people we bring the best to our customers, partners, and continue delivering IT talent with smart solutions to the enterprise.”- Purna Veer, President, V-Soft Consulting
“Great companies start because founders what to change the world, not make a fast buck.”- Guy Kawasaki
“I think that's the single best piece of advice: constantly think about how you could be doing things better, and questioning yourself.”- Elon Musk