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My name is Purna Veer and I am the President of V-Soft Consulting. I am thankful to work with an amazing team:  vendors, partners, and employees of our V-Soft family as we continue to serve our clients. I have been asked to start a blog sharing my experiences as an entrepreneur. Here are a few of the topics I intend to cover in my blog:
  • The Talent Gap
  • Cloud Computing
  • Technology Trends
  • Mobile Innovation in the Enterprise
  • Challenges of Leading a Fast Growth Tech Company
I am thankful my philosophy on business has served our company well and it’s quite simple: to treat every person with respect and understand that they have something unique to bring to the equation. This is why our V-Soft family is so strong. I am hopeful you find something worth your time in my blog and wish you well on your journey.

In Your Service,

Purna Veer

President, V-Soft Consulting

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The Big Lie of the Technology Talent Gap?

With the words ‘talent gap’ becoming a buzz phrase, many journalists are taking the contrarian angle and offering that the technology talent gap isn’t real. These journalists suggest the talent gap in any given ...
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Is the Talent Gap Choking American Enterprise?

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Is Customer Intimacy Prompting a Magic Quadrant Update?

Not too long ago, operational excellence was all it took to lead an industry. The likes of Wal-Mart, GE, and GM were built on the principles of operational excellence. This old school approach is being replaced ...
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Our Recent Merger Brings More “IT” to the Enterprise

I’m excited to elaborate on V-Soft’s recent merger with Safe Bridge Solutions out of Madison, Wisconsin. Our first discussions to merge the companies were back in 2012, and the partnership over the last 3 ...
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Being Thankful at the Louisville Mayor’s Breakfast

I had the distinct pleasure of attending the 25th annual YMCA Mayor’s Thanksgiving Breakfast this past Tuesday and it really helped me reflect on this year’s past blessings. It was great to catch up ...
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Co-Founder/President|Purna Veer|Louisville, KY
Purna Veer in discussion with Team
Purna Veer Technology Thought Leader

``We're not about machines or technology, it's people first. It's in people we bring the best to our customers, partners, and continue delivering IT talent with smart solutions to the enterprise.``- Purna Veer, President, V-Soft Consulting