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2019 to be “Year of Technology” for Louisville Kentucky

Greater Louisville Inc. urges local companies to invest in tech.

February 27, 2019


In an announcement made at the 2019 Annual Meeting Kent Olyer, President of Great Louisville Inc. (GLI) announced 2019 will be the Year of Technology for Louisville, Kentucky.

Beginning his address to GLI and members of the business community, Olyer explained one of the reasons Amazon did not shortlist the city to be considered for the retail giant’s new headquarters, the main reason was Kentucky had a shortage of skilled technology workers in its workforce.

Olyer suggested more companies invest in programs such as Code Louisville and Louisville Tech Alliance and others that educate youth and provide students more technical skills to succeed in today’s job market.

“Within 20 years, 75 percent of all jobs will require tech skills” said Kent Olyer.

Following Olyer’s address, Greg Fischer, the Mayor of Louisville agreed with his sentiments noting the fact that sister cities such as Indianapolis, Nashville, and Charlotte were ahead of Louisville when It comes to technology work force and tech education initiatives.

Fisher said Indianapolis has more than twice Louisville’s 17,000 tech jobs.

Even the Governor of Kentucky, Matt Bevin shared a few remarks via video to encourage business leaders to continue their efforts in investing in technology programs.

The GLI annual meeting Keynote appropriately come from noted futurist Thomas Frey. Frey dove into his predictions of the top technologies of the future noting the autonomous vehicles, Internet of Things, 3D Printing would define new industries and add millions of jobs that don’t even exist yet. Frey did mention that millions of jobs will also be redefined-not completely lost – by automation and artificial intelligence technologies. While many job responsibilities may be given to technology, humans will still be required to manage those technologies and handle more interpersonal roles.


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