IT StaffingMSPs: The Answer

MSPs: The Answer

The challenge is finding vendors that bring consistent and reliable results. Managed Service Providers (MSPs) can’t wait nor can they accept anything less than great candidates at the best possible price. V-Soft’s dedicated team of professionals supporting MSPs understand this and that’s why V-Soft continues to be sought after for new MSP engagements.

It’s no surprise that finding a company to trust is a challenge in our industry as is the reliability that’s required to bring the results. With V-Soft I enjoy a dedicated consistent that “Get It” when it comes to my needs.
I trust V-Soft because they’ve proven time and again to go above the call of duty.

– Charles W. – Recruitment Manager

Why V-Soft Consulting?

With extensive MSP staffing experience V-Soft knows what it takes to deliver the results even the most demanding MSP and client requirements demand. Validation of the V-Soft MSP dedicated support team approach is confirmed through expanding relationships across North America.

  • Repeated strong scorecard reports
  • Large resource pool
  • Resources for statement of work projects – experienced in fulfillment.
  • W-2 / H-19 / 1099
  • Visa sponsorship
  • Global resources
  • Diversity Supplier – MBE/WBE
  • GSA certified
  • National footprint
  • Efficient and thorough candidate recruitment evaluation process
  • Experienced recruiters
  • Experienced MSP dedicated team

We not only recruit highly qualified consultants, we also work with Statement of Work (SOW) project needs. V-Soft understands that each MSP program is unique and needs to be tailored to their clients’ business models and requirements. Our recruiting team takes the time to understand the unique requirements of each placement and SOW project and works diligently to source, secure, and match the right candidates to meet these requirements.

MSP/VSM Experience

As a current supplier to multiple MSP providers, V-Soft Consulting places important emphasis on building and fostering our relationships. We know that communication is the key to success and provide weekly Spotlight calls with our partners to review their current staffing needs and help anticipate any potential staffing fluctuations. We stay engaged and actively participate in all meetings held by our MSP partners.

V-Soft maintains a consistent level of responsiveness as a MSP vendor and cultivate excellence in our recruiting standards and processes. V-Soft’s services go above and beyond those required by normal MSP programs. For example, we have done research for our MSP partners and provided them with valuable market data further demonstrating our commitment and dedication to end client success.

With a global network of consultants serving Fortune 1000 end clients and work with MSP/VSM programs nationwide you get work done. One of our strongest attributes as a company is the ability to source and retain hard to find talent with niche skills. Our recruiting staff screens and analyzes every candidate to rapidly narrow down options and present you with the most qualified professionals. This saves you time and aggravation allowing your project to get underway faster and stay on track from start to finish.

  • Pontoon Solutions
  • ZeroChaos
  • Covendis
  • Yoh
  • Knowledge Services
  • Fieldglass
  • IQNavigator
  • Beeline
  • PeopleClick
  • DotStaff

At V-Soft our job is more than just finding resumes and sending them your way. Success for you is bringing qualified candidates who surpass you job’s technical needs and are good cultural fit for your project and company. With our people first philosophy if a consultant doesn’t enjoy their position or fit in with your project team our job hasn’t been done right.

  • Consistency: V-Soft’s processes bring consistency in pricing, staff quality, service delivery and performance tracking across all of your locations
  • Dedicated Teams: V-Soft’s recruiting and management of your needs completed by a dedicated team ensure a maximum benefit resulting in quicker placements with a higher success rate of integration and productivity in your company.
  • Resources: With over 450,000 resumes in our data base, 24/7 active recruiting, and unique access to global work force there are few IT Staffing companies offer you the complete resources required for successful IT recruitment.
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Find the Hidden Costs of Staffing
“We're not about machines or technology, it's people first. It's in people we bring the best to our customers, partners, and continue delivering IT talent with smart solutions to the enterprise.”- Purna Veer, President, V-Soft Consulting
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