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Our software development process collects and translates business requirements into imaginative technology solutions that become reality with custom software development. V-Soft’s development services deliver efficient and reliable custom software systems, including mobile, core business applications and back-office IT solutions.

V-Soft provides a a full spectrum of custom software engineering services:

  • Architecture Consulting and Design
  • Software Development
  • Performance Engineering
  • Enterprise App Development
  • Software Quality Assurance and Testing
  • Post Development Support and Maintenance

Development Tools

As part of our Agile Project Methodology, V-Soft routinely uses an open/shared project management software tool. This tool allows for a number of advantages in running the project, all of which are centered within information sharing and project capacity planning. Some of those advantages are:

  • Clear tracking of User Stories, both in the backlog and assigned to a Sprint
  • Readily available information on estimates for each user story, along with in depth descriptions, and tracking of comments as development and testing proceed
  • A collaborative documentation that is a repository for notes, data, code examples and short cuts. All of which is available to ALL project team members including you and anyone you deem necessary to access.

Project Approach

V-Soft Business Solutions recommends and Agile Project Methodology approach to allow for flexibility and iterative delivery of project modules. The Agile approach also allows for a fast ramp-up or ramp-down of resources to align the project timeline.

IT services development company louisville Agile provides opportunities to assess the project path throughout the development life-cycle. This is achieved through regular Sprints or iterations, for which teams must present a potentially deliverable product increment, along with daily Scrum meetings to update activity and status. We use the Agile approach and include wide, cross-functional participation to provide an avenue to change the project direction as needed. After the overall requirements are defined and agreed upon, each Sprint is built in a collaborative effort between the project managers and development staff. In this way dependencies are identified prior to work beginning. Which, in turn, allows for scheduling Sprints and overall work in the most efficient manner possible while still allowing for the flexibility of the Agile methodology. The Project Manager and Development Team Lead share responsibility for the backlog, sprints and various other Agile elements. The daily Scrum meetings are owned by the Project Manager unless delegated to the Development Team Lead.

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