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V-Soft’s Retainer Teams are dedicated to working on your projects as an extension of your staff. Our teams include additional critical roles at no extra cost for even more value.

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V-Soft Retainer Teams

IT Teams are struggling to balance day to day IT management while executing the many projects required to keep a business efficient and innovative. V-Soft’s experienced IT retainer teams take the burden off internal IT staff to clear project backlogs and keep projects on budget and on time, all while being significantly more affordable.

Hybrid retainer teams can start immediately for as little as $5,000 a month.

Full Visibility and Control

It can be challenging to let an outsider handle your IT project, but with V-Soft Retainer teams, you don’t lose any control. Our clients get full transparency into their projects with full visibility and control which produces true savings.

  • Visibility – Full access to your outsourced IT project via project management tools and engagement managers that provide instant insight into expected monthly results.
  • Control – Full control of your outsourced IT project via agile sprints and project management tools. Our clients can accelerate delivery according to their needs.

All members of our retainer teams are up to date on their relevant certifications and take pride in getting the latest new certifications in their appropriate area of expertise.


Each of our retainer teams have a dedicated, on-shore engagement manager that is always accessible to you and will provide regular status updates on your project.


Our retainer team services are flexible and can be adjusted month to month to match your business requirements. Only pay for what you need. Teams can be scaled up or down easily.

Project Experience

V-Soft has dedicated teams ready to be deployed to your project. With experience in leading platforms and environments.

  • ServiceNow
  • MuleSoft
  • Mobile Development
  • App Development
  • QA Automation
  • Cloud Migration
  • AI & IoT
  • RPA

V-Soft Retainer Team Composition

Certified & Experienced
Provides code review & unit testing
Technical PM
Executes reporting, expectation management & process adherence
Business Analyst
Gathers requirements
QA Tester
Tester Confirms outcomes
Engagement Manager
Oversees risk mitigation, project delivery & communications

Immediate ROI

Get an immediate return on your investment with V-Soft IT retainer teams. Outsourcing your IT projects with skilled hybrid or offshore teams is an affordable alternative to hiring an in-house team without forfeiting quality or timelines of your IT projects.

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