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Superheroes Don’t Waste 12hrs/week on Routine Tasks

No, superheroes have more important things to do. And even more so, HR Superheroes need to utilize processes that will provide them with the time they need to defend their company. Much like Batman has all of his resources in the Bat Cave, HR Superheroes have an automated process to defend their business and — most importantly — their employees.

Automated Onboarding ProcessHR Automated Onboarding Process

The typical onboarding process can take up to 10 hours for each new employee.
If your company is one that hires often, or is expanding rapidly, this can easily become a time-consuming HR mess. An automated onboarding process will allow you to:

  • Assign onboarding documents with one click
  • Auto Enroll Benefit selections to provider
  • Auto-generate Payroll to the account provided by the employee
  • Catalog all employee communications under one profile

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hr portal automation HR Portal

Often cost prohibitive, an HR portal is now something all businesses can attain. V-Soft’s HR portal for your business is fully mobile and automated, allowing your company to enjoy having everything all in one location.

Our employees love the fact that all of their benefits and company information are right at their fingertips.”

– HR Manager, Technology Company”

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hr portal expense tracking cloudAutomated Expense Submissions & Tracking

Gone are the days of endless emails and spreadsheets. The Expense Tracker application developed by V-Soft is fully integrated to your systems with web or mobile app access. A fully mobile expense tracker will give you the benefits of:

  • Uploading receipts immediately by taking a snapshot of them
  • Alerting managers that there are expenses ready to be reviewed
  • Submittal and approval process occurs 100% digitally, including sign off with DocuSign

hr portal paid time off cloud managementCustom Integrations for Paid Time off (PTO) Tracking

Eliminate errors, improve tracking, and make happy employees with service for paid time off that can integrate with payroll services like ADP, PayChex, Intuit, and more. Employees are able to easily submit the PTO requests and managers can make approvals from anywhere.

PTO Tracking Seamlessly Integrates with:

Return on Investment

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