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V-Soft’s Big Data and Analytics practice is enabling enterprise data science and business teams to build innovative new products and services, reduce cost of operations, process improvements and reduce cycle times. Big data devises new ways to create and maximize business value enhancing the customer experience.

Data Strategy

We help our clients to build data-driven businesses that are able to predict and control better business outcomes. Our services focus on aligning an organization strategy with a data strategy, and developing a strategic data and analytics plan across business, technology, and operations. Our approach is to propose and build a tailor-made data strategy roadmap across four dimensions: Data, Tools & Platform, Analytical Models, and Business Value.

  • Data– define internal and external data sources, structured or unstructured, batch or real-time.
  • Tools & Platform– evaluate and recommend Hadoop, open source, on-premises or Cloud or Hybrid platform.
  • Analytical Model– identify and define the right models.
  • Business Value– define, measure and improve business value.

Big Data Engineering

We offer customized services to realize the potential of our client’s data assets by effective reuse of frameworks, processes and tools.  We evaluate, design, build and roll-out  an enterprise class Hadoop-based platform, or massively parallel processing data warehouse solution on premises with a  cloud-based or hybrid model. Our expertise includes:

big data analytics

  • Data Platform –  Hadoop, Cloudera, Hortonworks, Vertica, Microsoft Azure SQL & HDInsight, Amazon Redshift, Amazon DynamoDB, Google BigQuery
  • Data Streaming– Apache Kafka, Storm, Spark, Amazon Kinesis, Microsoft Azure Stream Analytics   
  • Data Transformation –  Spark, Hive, Pig, Microsoft SSIS
  • Business Intelligence– Oracle Hyperion, SAP Business Objects, MicroStrategy, Microsoft BI
  • Data Visualization– Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, QlikView

Advanced Analytics

We develop and deploy advanced analytics framework for our clients to discover deeper insights, make predictions and better decisions using data and text mining, forecasting, machine learning, semantic and sentiment analysis, simulation, and optimization techniques. Our focus is to build, refine, and deploy custom models specific to our client’s industry verticals and functions.

big data analytics

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