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V-Soft’s technical resources and consulting teams are unique in the marketplace.  With an agile approach, daily progress meetings and transparent collaboration with our clients, V-Soft delivers superior results.This approach gives V-Soft clients a significant market advantage.

Our IT consultants are hard at work helping our clients develop and leverage the applications and systems that drive their business. Whether through IT staffing, business solutions, or both, V-Soft puts client success first.

Blue 222: Web Development Case Study

Challenge: Putting structure and process into a comprehensive web development method. Requiring the highest level of technical expertise and project management that is not present with other IT solutions providers.
Result: V-Soft’s solutions delivery model assessed what Blue222 needed and brought consistent, measurable, progress with a reliable team to deliver consistent results for a successful implementation.

Transparency throughout the entire process and project managers with V-Soft really have their heart in it. Methodical, steady project managers. I have the most confidence in V-Soft over other firms I have met.
– Alan G.


V-Soft makes my job easier, they have a competitive price and their quality of consultants I get from them is better.
– V-Soft Client, Large insurance subrogation company

I can confidently recommend V-Soft as a solid and reliable IT staffing and business solutions partner. Maintaining a large, in-house IT staff can be challenging, as workloads rise and fall periodically over 12-18 months. Utilizing V-Soft has allowed us to ramp up or down our workforce based on need… This flexibility has been a key for us in meeting business needs and balancing our costs.
– Directory of Product Development, Long term care pharmacy company

We wanted to start to dabble in the offshore or near shore model to compare and contrast experiences. The thing that I liked about V-Soft’s offshore model as compared is that you have the time difference concern heading in to it. V-Soft was willing to work a flexible schedule – where during the morning hours of my day, they made their staff available. That made a huge difference.
– V-Soft Client

With V-Soft, they really understand my needs. I don’t have to spend too much time telling them what I need. They make sure they get good insight and technical details up front. Their access to talent is also a strength.
– V-Soft Client, Large insurance subrogation company

Their customer service and support teams are outstanding.
– VP Enterprise Systems and Software Development

We are a quality company and expect the same from vendors. V-Soft matches that need. If they say they are going to do something they do it.
– VP Enterprise Systems and Software Development

I trust that they are going to deliver what they say they will deliver. V-Soft is a good company that works hard.
– VP Enterprise Systems and Software Development

Too many vendors underestimate the complexity of our business. That’s not V-Soft. They are willing to learn our business and understand our challenges.
– VP Enterprise Systems and Software Development

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