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An IT Job Success Story Than Can Be Yours

At V-Soft our people first approach means we want you to find a great job. A job that makes you feel good about getting up and going to work. This is why our IT talent team completes due diligence into each position ensuring a position is not only a technical match, but a cultural match too.

How V-Soft Helps You Find the Perfect IT Job

  • People First: Unlike other talent firms you’re not another resume or a # with V-Soft.
  • Trust: Join the thousands of consultants who trust V-Soft each year for a great job and new advancement in their career.
  • Connections: V-Soft is a growing agile technology company recognized across the industry for excellence in IT talent. V-Soft continues to grow the jobs available to you and if you let us work for you we will take the time to find the perfect job! Just submit your resume here

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I worked with many recruiting firms throughout my job search but yours is hands-down the most professional and helpful. The team coordinates their communications very well. The time you took to coach me on the SOAR process and Thank You notes was unique and extremely valuable.
– Rob Schwartz, V-Soft Consultant

I found my V-Soft recruiter to be on the ball when he helped me get hired for my current assignment. I felt immediate rapport with him and he was courteous, honest and professional. I am doubtful that I would have gotten hired if my recruiter did not possess these qualities as well as a thorough understanding of what the hiring company wanted in their new hire.
– Edie Cording, V-Soft Consultant

Having worked in the technology field for the last 13 years, I needed an aggressive company to market my skills for top dollar. V-Soft has gone beyond my expectations of matching my education and skill sets for placement with a company that meets my career goals. Thanks to my recruiter for his professionalism, coaching and preparation for the interview process to make a successful job placement.
– Sherry Walts, Business Analyst

After getting downsized in early 2011 after being employed for over 15 years, I was needless to say unaware of how the job market had changed for people who were looking for work and were not currently employed. I was also not willing to relocate and did not want to drive all day to get to my work location; I was a difficult case indeed in that regard. I was referred to V-Soft through a former coworker at a previous employer. I was successful in getting several interviews early on without any problems, but either they did not meet my criteria or I did not meet theirs. My recruiter kept working with me though, then in early 2012 I landed a position with a company that both met my criteria and vice versa.
– Bradley J, Lynch

I want to take this opportunity to say how impressed I am with V-Soft Consulting in their recruitment process. Every step of the journey has been met with a professional attitude and a very effective procedure. Needless to say that I have yet to meet a parallel of this nature in my 20 years of consulting!
– Shah Hullon, V-Soft Consultant

I’d like to thank you for all the help and your efforts on your end. I feel that you’re a world-class recruiter. Special thanks for connecting me to Greg from whom I have obtained techniques towards any interview preparation. You were extremely professional, prompt, polite and worked hard to provide me with updates from the submission of my profile to the confirmation of the project start date including onboarding process.
I would recommend you to any organization that is interested in hiring an executive recruiter for their global hiring needs. I will also be certain to recommend you to any contacts of mine who are looking for employment.

– Ashok Angoth, V-Soft Consultant

Thanks to V-Soft and Brandon for confirming for my new contract opportunity. From interview to hire, the process was seamless. I was kept in constant contact and the turnaround time was swift. I highly recommend working with this firm
– Venkat Nallu, V-Soft Consultant

My main motivation for joining V-Soft Consulting centered around the reputation, efficiency and transparency of the company. I was provided with new and exciting opportunities, and my management team provides me with the information and support to overcome any roadblocks. In my position, I have the chance to think outside the box and identify new solutions while continuing to learn and grow in my role.
– Abishek Gaddam, V-Soft Consultant


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