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Clear ROI is a Must. V-Soft clients succeed.

V-Soft’s technical resources and consulting teams are peerless in the marketplace. That gives our clients a significant market advantage. Our IT consultants are hard at work helping our clients develop and leverage the applications and systems that drive their business. Whether through IT staffing, business solutions, or both, V-Soft puts client success first.

Helping Create Efficiency by Automating Processes

The Client was struggling with 7 separate tools to perform different tasks. V-Soft developed a dashboard where they could get everything done in one location. Download PDF >

Expense Tracking, Reporting, and Management

Even recent innovations in expense tracking and management didn’t answer the needs of complete mobile enablement for the Client, who had hundreds of employees globally. Download PDF >

Creating a Grocery Delivery Service Mobile App

Getting groceries in rural areas can be difficult. The Client requested a mobile app — similar to Uber — where users could order their groceries and have a driver bring them their order. Download PDF >

Developing an HR Portal

The Client was utilizing too many systems and too many manual processes, causing a lot of wasted time in their HR department. Their systems weren’t working anymore. Download PDF >

Software Development: Mobile Enterprise Integration

The Client’s business relies on getting orders, but their process was very cumbersome and could often take days to process. They needed to be able to be mobile and process orders quickly. Download PDF >

Implementing a Paid Time Off Calendar and Request System

The Client was using a combination of emails, spreadsheets, and phone calls to document paid time off, not having a solid tool in place to track time off requests. Download PDF >

Building a Custom, Branded ServiceNow CMS With Mobile Integration

The Client had already begun a ServiceNow implementation, but were unhappy with it. V-Soft was contracted to redesign and complete a mobile ServiceNow service portal. Download PDF >

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“We're not about machines or technology, it's people first. It's in people we bring the best to our customers, partners, and continue delivering IT talent with smart solutions to the enterprise.”- Purna Veer, President, V-Soft Consulting
“Great companies start because founders what to change the world, not make a fast buck.”- Guy Kawasaki
“I think that's the single best piece of advice: constantly think about how you could be doing things better, and questioning yourself.”- Elon Musk