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If you’ve lived in IT for the last decade it’s a sure bet the experience of an offshore IT sourcing mix-up has put a wrench into your project success at least once. When offshore sourcing began it seemed like an immediate fix to the challenges of high costs but what the IT community uncovered was that low sourcing costs did not necessarily make for a project on budget.

Challenges of IT Offshore Sourcing

Exposure of Private and Corporate Data

Risk of exposing confidential personal, client, and corporate data is a real concern when managing any IT project but with the added dimension of offshore interaction it becomes complicated.

Synchronizing the Deliverables

Consistency in deadlines met with the deliverables required is often lost in cultural translation and results in deadlines extended for the final result you’re seeking.

Hidden Costs

When you hear a low hourly rate or project cost it’s easy to want to jump on the offshore sourcing model until those costs for the final product, ‘change orders’ as they can be called, begin to pile up.

Final Results

You wouldn’t be the first IT project that had to be started from the beginning after having to scrap the IT offshore team because the project just can’t seem to get completed. offshore it sourcing

How V-Soft Solves the Offshore IT Sourcing Challenge


State of the art security practices ensure encryption around the world and real-time monitoring. This combined with one of the most detailed screening processes in the industry brings a level of security seldom found for IT offshore sourcing.

V-Soft’s Hybrid Agile Delivery Model

The cultural divide is real and is one of the hindrances of a true understanding of your project’s needs. The V-Soft way of having an onshore project manager often complemented by onshore tacticians in daily, live, progress meetings with the offshore team ensure deadlines are met. The agile project method brings you daily progress in real time that you can monitor 24/7. Projects are broken down into two week milestones so progress is measured and recognized. Often in offshore sourcing the only timeline is the deadline and then the mad rush happens days before. This won’t work for you and is why V-Soft time and again is trusted to deliver IT projects to the enterprise.

Investing in Being Under Budget and Ahead of Schedule

The foresight of most offshore IT sourcing for projects is to get the project task list completed. With V-Soft’s agile methodology and real time project tracking efficiency is the name of our game. V-Soft project managers know well in advance of any discrepancies to costs and schedules allowing for real-time modifications to resources and implementation that can’t happen in the week before the entire project is due to be live.
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No Surprises, Just Results

Efficiency in an IT project for you means costs that stay under budget, timelines met, and no surprises. Real-time monitoring of progress and your option to join in daily progress meetings means complete transparency that you can see.

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